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REVIEW: Oh, Holy Triforce - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1992)

Ah, the first Zelda game that I ever owned. It started my insane love for the series. Thankfully Nintendo put it on the Wii Channel for download, because my SNES is the devil. I get right to the end castle and BAM! No more save file. I think my SNES never wants me to actually finish the game again. And the little devil has done it more than once. But enough of that, let's get to the review.

This game was released in 1992 by Nintendo, and if you ask me it is the best Zelda game Nintendo has ever released. Your goal is to save Hyrule and of course rescue Princess Zelda. Oh, yeah and kill that one evil pig looking monster, Gannon.

The beginning of the game always starts off a little slow for me probably because I have played it a dozen times and I just want to get on with the game play. Once I get into the wide open world of Hyrule, I get immersed in the storyline. This game was very well thought out. Nothing seems out of place.

Anytime I hear music from this game, I get the chills. The music is beautiful and graphics are even better. Now, I understand they aren't the HD graphics out on today's systems. But honestly, I almost prefer the pixels of this 16 bit gem.

The dungeons get progressively challenging throughout the game.  Each dungeon has a different theme and a new item that you receive, then you fight the dungeon boss. That's of course if you can get past the jumping skeletons first. Gannon's castle of course is the hardest. You have to use almost all of your items you have collected throughout the game to make it through the final maze and reach the final battle. It's a bit easy as long as you have all three bottles filled with fairies or the yummy blue potions.

It has plenty of sides quests to make the game last a bit longer. And you have to complete these sides quests if you expect to fill up your item screen with every item in the game and upgrade some of the items, like your sword. Some are easy, others take a bit of running around to complete. But in the end - it is well worth it! Trust me - they all come in handy.

This is truly a classic masterpiece. If you haven't played it, I highly suggest trying it out, and there isn't really an excuse not to, if you have a Wii - just download it from the Wii Channel - make sure you use the classic controller and not the Gamecube controller (we'll touch on that subject another time). Or if you still have a working SNES laying around, head out to your local used video game store and pick it up. It's a classic gem that you won't regret buying.

I give this game 5 out of 5 bits.

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