Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REVIEW: The First Meaningful Simulated Game Ever Thrown by a Pitcher in Rehab: Super Baseball Simulator 1000 (1994)

Every time I look at my first SNES, I remember the first game I ever played in it (Super Mario), the countless winter nights I'd make up my own games in Mario Paint (because, living in a trailer park, swatting bugs and killing bees was more regular chore than fun pastime), and of course, my first foray into sports games with Super Baseball Simulator 1000. This sappy portion of nostalgia is coupled with the incredible frustration that the feats I could perform in a video game couldn't be duplicated on a real baseball field, leading to frustration boiling over into anger and eventually to my infamous exile from Wisconsin Little League back in the 1990's (one of the very few perma-bans in Little League history, and probably the only one that didn't deal with forged birth certificates, performance enhancers, or some kind of now-illegal racial or sexual preference discrimination). But I digress.