Thursday, January 27, 2011


From the videos and pictures on Reddit I thought MineCraft was the silliest game I've ever heard of. Why would you want to build things? The structures that were made looked awesome. It would take so much time to build the Starship enterprise! What person in their right mind would sit and do that? 

But then a buddy of mine was talking about it. I had to get a Christmas present for him and so the little wheel started to turn in my head, and I bought it for him and I. My first impression of the game was the same as my original opinion: silly. It is just seemed pointless to kill sheep and cows. My friend suggested I watched the how-to videos on YouTube. After that I finally understood and I was hooked. Why wouldn't I want to sit and build things!

We made a server and just started exploring and discovering new things. After so many tunnels and dead sheep later I bought it for another friend of mine. His first project was a huge floating castle with a water fall. That escalated to me building a floating dirt castle as high as the game would let me.

I was screwing around one day and found a buddy of mine made a bucket. I took the bucket and filled it with lava. My two friends were mining trees and building a forest. I was watching them for a bit with this bucket of lava. I was standing on a hill above them. Once they got close together I unleashed the bucket of lava and it started flowing down towards them. Killing one of them was my goal. My goal was reached and soon to find it started the trees on fire. This was by far the coolest thing I've done so far in the game. The fire got a bit out of control and started more trees on fire. I could not stop laughing as it spread all over the island we were on.

I took another bucket of lava and brought it over to another part of the island. I found the highest point of a hill and dumped it down. Another chain reaction started with the trees on fire. It got to the point were the fire reached as far as it would spread. There was another tree next to the tree that was on fire, but far enough not to spread. Then a little cow was hopping along and ran into the burning tree. The cow panicked and ran into the tree that was not on fire and died.

After the fire phase we built a waterside from the top of the castle down to the ground with trees all along of the whole slide. Then we discovered TNT and the 'Give' command (unlimited supplies = ultimate power). I wanted our first mountain we blew up to be huge. We dug a hole in the middle of a mountain and started planting TNT. After about 200ish blocks of TNT I accidentally misplaced one. When ever you misplace something you left click it to hit it and it will break after awhile, well not with TNT. When you left click TNT it ignites. I frantically tried to type "RUN!!" in our chat window, but it was too late. Just as in real life, we all died and managed to crash the server for the first time with our HUGE explosion. After a few minutes I was able to log back in the server and walk back to our destruction. The hole was massive. It seemed that we successfully turned this mountain inside out. I then thought to myself, this is the best $15 I've ever spent on a game. 

My only dislikes so far, is that there is no sprint key. You're doomed to slowly meander around this never ending land. There is also a lot of improvement needed for creating your own server. It requires separate downloadable software that takes up a lot memory and is a pain in the ass to figure out. Thank god for the MineCraft wiki, otherwise I'd just be playing all by my lonesome. I just have to remember that its still in beta but I can't wait for the final project to be released. I would definitely suggest this game to you, your friends, your dog, classmates, mailman (and woman, gotta be politically correct and all) and probably even your mom (although she'll probably never create her own server). So get downloading, FOOL!

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