Thursday, March 10, 2011

REVIEW: Behind the Seams - Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)

Kirby's Epic Yarn. Where do I even start with this game. A lot of Kirby fans despise this game claiming it's not a REAL Kirby game, it's just not true to the franchise.  Kirby's Epic Yarn didn't seem like a terrible game to me because it wasn't true to the franchise but that's because I only have played minutes of past Kirby games.  Childish Graphics and way too easy? Maybe, but let's dive deeper into the worlds of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Kirby's Epic Yarn was released in 2010, a year spread thing with decent Wii games. The beautiful graphics are what make this game wonderful in my opinion. They were new, fresh and innovative. Not something we have ever seen in a Kirby game before, and that's where the fans got mad. It didn't look or play like a true Kirby game. Later revealed by Nintendo that it wasn't originally supposed to be released as a Kirby game. Instead the main character was Prince Fluff, the Blue Fluff Prince. And that fact right there tells me this game was originally geared towards kids. Nintendo later added Kirby before the release so it would be more "sell-able."  So fans can rejoice, it truly was not mean to be a Kirby game. Nintendo announced recently that there would be an actual Kirby game releasing soon, meaning they were working on the REAL Kirby game the whole time.

The graphics are what initially pulled me in. They are colorful, bright, cute and something new. Each world was another breath of fresh air. Nothing seemed to be re-used. The music was upbeat and fun. My personal favorite track being Lava Landing. However I could have been just fine without the narrative. I felt like I was being read a children's book during that point between worlds. Again, geared towards kids.

The controls were complete opposite, they were down right TERRIBLE, well until you got the hang of it. I had the hardest time getting Kirby to turn into the car. Press the direction you want to go on the directional pad quickly right? NO! It wasn't until about halfway through the game that I finally got the timing down for this move. A seasoned gamer like me, it shouldn't take that long. And don't even get me started on Train Kirby. That was ridiculous. If a twenty something gamer can't get it to work right and stay on the tracks how is a kid supposed to be able to do it?

The difficulty on this game was way easy. You can never really die. You just loose beads if you fall into the deep abyss or get schmucked by a boss. You need the beads to buy things and unlock certain medals and items but they aren't necessary to beat the game. I was a little disappointed in the difficulty level of this game. I was even more disappointed in the final boss. He was way way to easy in my opinion. What ever happened to the final boss being so hard it took multiple times throwing the controller in defeat and ump-teen million tries?

Do I even need to say anything about being able to decorate Kirby's apartment? Dumb. This was a complete waste of time. The only people I know that find that exciting are kids and well, this game was probably geared toward kids.

I honestly don't know if I would ever make another play through of the game. I pick it up every now and then to see if I can go back and get the things I missed the first time, but I have yet to start a new save file.

All in all I give Kirby's Epic yarn 3 bits out of 5, mainly because of the graphics.

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  1. I would have to agree that the graphics in this game are the last thing anyone should be complaining about. They're simply gorgeous, which is something you simply don't see on Wii often at all. Sure they're cutesy, but even a gore monger like myself can enjoy such.